flip my wwiiggss



DEAD ART STAR is a mental illness. It is the result of a celebrity culture overdose. It is the dusty mirror in the attic, Queen Elizabeth I's powdered white face, the insanity of Norma Desmond, and Halloween 24/7.

DEAD ART STAR is a project executed through performance, video, and photography. The project's nom de guerre flirts with the idea of posthumous fame and calls attention to the holy residue that death gives to an artist's body of work. Ritualistic in nature, the performances juxtapose occult symbolism and horror movie tropes with the mundane to explore otherness and duality. Rejecting the hi-definition standards of mainstream media, DEAD ART STAR utilizes various lo-fi cameras to challenge the role and specificity of time, place, and memory in performance documentation. Recent performances reflect an interest in health and the corporeal (queer) body.

DEAD ART STAR is an Atlanta and Boston-based performance art project. Using the nom de guerre DEAD ART STAR, the artist has performed and exhibited in both established galleries and alternative venues, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Gallery Kayafas (Boston), Eyedrum (Atlanta), Zürcher Gallery (New York), SEASON (Seattle), and #CASTLEDRONE (Boston).